Saturday, June 11, 2011

Must watch film about the corrupt medical establishments suppressed cure for cancer

This film is free to watch June 11th through June 13th.  It is a stunning accusation of the medical industrial complex, and will blow you away.  Watch quickly HERE


  1. These ass-holes who have all the money are the culprits to many devious and dirty deeds. The content of this post is highlighting yet another, this time its curing ppl of cancer. How do we sort them out? these money people and their dasterdly offspring. We dont because its all too far gone its too late. They have such control in all aspects of our lives that it is truly a lost cause.

  2. I'd like to think this isn't true but sadly pharm/med companies have pulled this shit before

  3. I'll check it out

  4. I'm generally a sort of "small government" kind of guy, but regulatory entities are required, I think, when it comes to medical products and services, as well as food products we consume. Else we get this kind of BS.

  5. Apparently "NorthernLad" didn't watch the film. Pity.

  6. not really news to me
    I mean its been said and its true
    there is more money in the treatment than the cure
    why cure something and save lives when you can treat something and make money?
    this is the sad fact of the world we live in