Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America is not, and never was a democracy

And that is a good thing. Check out the informative video on this site:

Maniac World


  1. so true so true.
    cannot say anymore about this

  2. The closest things to a "real" democracy in this world is Switzerland, where the *actually* ask their citizens through referendums on important (and sometimes not so important) issues. Imagine that. Granted, it is a federal republic with direct democracy, but still.

    Personally, I favour a Democratic Technocracy. Unfortunately that requires a far more educated populace...

  3. I couldn't agree more. It's sad because we frown upon any other form of government, and supposedly the only reason why we support Israel is because they are the last bastion of democracy in the middle east.

  4. america is not a country, is a continent

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  6. scratch that,
    I think Americans should be proud that their country was founded from the right people, the founding fathers.
    After seeing the video link, I realized that my crappy country has been, and always will be an obligarchy.