Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today's Thomas Friedman article about democracy in Egypt and the danger of it being usurped by Arabs

As usual, his editorial is well thought out and well researched - always thought provoking. Let me interject one important idea here - we don't want Democratic elections in the Arab world. Noam Chomsky spells out exactly why. The dictators follow the script we give them. But the people of the Arab world OVERWHELMINGLY disagree with us. They see us as a bigger threat to them than Iran. They think Israel is the most destabilizing force in the region, a close second to us. If they suddenly have ACTUAL Democracy, we're going to lose control. And we don't want that.

"The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World" - Noam Chomsky


  1. The dishonesty of politicians is ludicrous. As long as they get their pockets filled they don't give a rat's arse about anyone else.

    The whole thing is a sham.

  2. i also agree with northern lad